From 1984 until 1991 Stranger To Stranger produced seven recordings.

Casting Shadows - 1984 LP (vinyl)
The Child in Me - 1985 EP (vinyl)
Don't Stop - 1986 EP (vinyl)
Untitled - 1987 EP (cassette)
The Darkest Dreams - 1989 LP (vinyl)
Shatter the Night - 1990 EP (cassette)
Stranger To Stranger - 1991 EP (CD only)

Stranger To Stranger's music was alternative in its flavor, borrowing from the early Cure and Echo and the Bunneymen. They played clubs and venues from Boston to Virginia, but experienced their greatest success at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. The title song from 1985's The Child in Me experienced particularly heavy airplay on college and commercial stations in that area. Subsequently, record sales in the area were very good and the shows at the 9:30 Club drew a good audience. Recently, an amalgam of The Darkest Dreams and Shatter the Night was produced as a CD by drummer Eric Carlson. That was the impetus for creating this page... I hadn't listened to the material in a very long time. I felt compelled to put up this page so some of our friends could get their hands on some vintage STS in MP3 format. We hope to come up with a good copy of The Child in Me in the not-too-distant future.

Stranger To Stranger was:
Gary Eshbaugh - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Sean Hopkins - Bass/Vocals (1983-1987)
Rand Hanson - Guitar
Eric Carlson - Drums/Percussion
Steph Lentz - Bass (1988-1992)

MP3 files from The Child in Me

The Child in Me
Courageous Cat

These will be changing from time-to-time.